Make Money Uploading Youtube Videos

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Youtube started a new program this month where you can make money when you upload your videos. The program, called the “partner program,” will give you a share of the money from ads that are featured on your video.

The reason Youtube is doing this is because they’re legally not allowed to put advertising on copyrighted-content. To put ads on a video they first have to get permission from the copyright holder. Therefore, by entering the partner program, you give them permission to put ads on your video and they will give you a share of the money that’s made.

Here is an example of the ads that appear on partner videos (its the text at the bottom):

Since Youtube videos have the potential to reach millions of viewers this can be very lucrative for the big names on Youtube. It may also be a good reason to take out your camera and start using Youtube if you haven’t already.

Here are the requirements for the program:

  • You must own the copyrights and distribution rights for all videos you upload.
  • You must regularly upload videos that are viewed by thousands of Youtube users.
  • You must live in the US or Canada.

If you meet these requirements, you can apply now and start making money off your videos. If you live outside of North America, keep your eyes open because they will probably be expanding the program in the near future.

5 Ways to Make Money With PLR Articles

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PLR stands for “private label rights.” When you buy a PLR article you usually will have full permission to use the article on your website, claim ownership of it, modify it, and sell it. PLR articles usually come in packages based on various keywords, e.g. 15 articles on e-bay marketing.

You can buy and sell PLR articles on e-bay or various webmaster forums such as Digital Point. Here are 5 ways you can make money with PLR articles.

1. Run a PLR Site Many ghostwriters have found success by running their own sites with a database of PLR articles. These sites usually have hundreds or thousands of PLR articles that can only be accessed with a membership fee. The most successful PLR sites will update their database weekly with new articles, and take the most downloaded articles off the site, so that the content is always fresh. Most PLR sites have a membership limit so that the articles aren’t on thousands of sites across the internet. Some are so popular that they have waiting lists that are backed for months.

2. Re-write Articles You can re-write free PLR articles online and sell them on ebay or Digital Point. Selling original re-writes of PLR articles makes them more valuable because buyers don’t run the risk of having duplicate content online. If you want to do this it’s best to just sell the articles to one person without resell rights. Selling the articles to one buyer will allow you raise the price because they will be buying unique, original content that only they will own. The only difference between re-writing a PLR article and writing your own article is re-writing an article will probably save you time and energy.

3. Buy and Sell Article Packs This is probably one of the hardest things to do because there is a lot of competition. When you buy an article pack, everyone who owns the article pack already has the opportunity to sell it. The people who buy the pack from them will also have the opportunity to sell it, and so on and so forth. Before you know it there can be 1,000′s of people online selling the same article pack. If you want to put your internet marketing skills to the test then this is the right thing for you.

4. Publish PLR Articles on a Blog Blogging can be profitable but it also can be time-consuming and costly. Some people opt to use PLR articles on their blogs and websites instead of hiring a writer or spending hours writing their own articles. The chance of owning a successful blog is unlikely if all of the articles are duplicate content. If you are thinking about doing this, try to mix original articles with PLR articles, and re-write some of the PLR articles. The Problem With Automated Content explains the importance of keeping the content on your site unique.

5. Use Free Articles as an Incentive Some webmasters give away free PLR articles as a bonus when you buy an e-book, subscription, or other products and services. This is one of the cheapest ways to give customers an extra incentive to buy your products. It can also make a decent gift for people who are subscribing to a newsletter or RSS feed.

If you are interested in free PLR articles, Get a Script has 6,500 articles which are free to use and redistribute. My favorite thing about the site is that you don’t have to sign up or give your e-mail to download the articles.

If you are in the market to buy articles, the post Where to find good PLR articles lists dozens of PLR article sites online.

Become an Online Tutor

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You can get paid to tutor students online on

You can become a tutor if you have graduated from a college or are currently enrolled in a college. This is good because it’s a way for college students to earn an extra income while they’re in school. You can work right in the major your studying in – by tutoring kids in math, history, English, etc.

The tutoring is one-on-one and is done through an instant-messaging program which has an interactive white-board and a file-sharing program built right in. The students range in age from 4th grade level up to the college level.

They pay by the hour and send a check out every month. They don’t say how much they pay on the site, but you can find out more about their wages after you fill out an application. If you want to know more check out the FAQ which will answer a lot of your questions.

Update:  I have a new post about online tutor jobs. Please check it out!

Online Tutor Jobs (Part II)

Increase Your Blog Exposure and Revenue at Once

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There is a new site called Yearblook, which is an ongoing contest to find the best blog posts. At the end of the year the winners of the contest will be included in a book that features the best blog posts for every day of the year. Rules of entry are explained in their FAQ:

How it works

  • 1. Bloggers submit their posts – using the simple form here
  • 2. Readers cast votes for their favorites
  • 3. We run an algorithm to figure out which is the best post
  • 4. The best from each day is added to the book

Each month, the post with the most votes will also win $100. So not only do you get exposure to your blog, but you also have an opportunity to make money for your posts.

This can be a great opportunity to get recognition for what really counts – the quality of your content. There are many contests for design and SEO but not for content creation. Hopefully this will help reward the bloggers who have been working hard at what they do.

Edit 1/06/10 – Yearblook is no longer in service. I will leave another update if it comes back online.

The Best Thing You Can Do For Traffic? Learn to Love Blogging Again

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If you want your website to gain popularity, the best thing to do is to stop worrying. Forget about blogging tips, traffic and search-engine-optimization. Those things will just turn blogging into a chore instead of a hobby that you love. Let your natural enthusiasm for blogging show through and you will gradually attract more readers who appreciate your blog. That is the only way to have a long-term successful website or blog. SEO tips will not keep you coming back for years to update your site and connect with your readers.

Most blogs fail because the bloggers expect too much, too soon. They imagine having a blog with thousands of subscribers that comment on each post. It can be disheartening to spend hours writing a carefully thought-out post that no one has read or commented on. This is the period where many bloggers give up before their blog even gets off the ground. The way to get through this period is to lower your expectations about readers. Write for the love of writing and nothing else. If you are just interested in impressing others, you will be quickly and sorely disappointed. However, if you have a love for writing and for sharing information, your blog will attract readers over time, without any need for “SEO tactics.” Once you find your passion, then you can focus on improving the technical aspects of your blog

Teaching English Online

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I am an English tutor at a private school in Ukraine. I moved here three months ago from New Jersey to start teaching. Lately I had been hearing about teaching English online as an option to make money. I was intrigued. I teach English abroad already to make money while I travel, but teaching English online would be an even better option for traveling. Then I could go anywhere, leave anytime, and have a steady job while traveling.

Most ESL jobs require a TEFL certificate, job experience, and/or a Bachelor’s degree. Most employers don’t require all three at once, so if you have at least one of the three qualifications, just keep looking and you will find one for you. The best paying jobs have more requirements. 

One of the easiest ways to find out who is hiring right now and how much they are paying is to check out an ESL job board:

Dave’s ESL Cafe is the best-known Job Board for “real life” ESL jobs, but there are also occasional  opportunities for teaching English online, it just requires a little searching: 

Aside from job boards, there are quite a few dedicated websites that link teachers and students. Here are the most well-known and reputable ones:

Tutor ABC

Tutor ABC reportedly pays between $5 – $10 per hour, depending on the experience of the teacher. There are bonus programs available. They’re one of the lowest-paying sites, but they have many students so there are many available hours. That makes Tutor ABC a good option for those who need regular work above all else.

Unlike most other sites, anyone can sign up as a teacher on eduFire. Professional experience and credentials are not necessary to join the site. Teachers create a profile on eduFire with their credentials, hourly rate, and the languages they teach. The students then choose who they want to speak with. eduFire takes a 15% commission out of the set price per lesson.


Myngle is a very popular site that is more selective. Right now they have a waiting list for English teachers. Myngle is good because the teachers choose their own price. They take a 40% commission out of whatever price the teacher sets per lesson (which is quite high).

Open English is a popular site for students in South America. They pay the teachers between $8 and $11 an hour, depending on experience. They require a Bachelor’s Degree and knowledge of basic conversational Spanish.

If you are looking for a more flexible freelance option, try the Skype Prime software. Skype Prime is a new feature in the regular Skype software, so there no additional software to download or website to sign up for. You can put a link to your skype name on your own personal website or social networking profile and start connecting with students. They take out a 30% commission from each transaction.

Give Advice and Make Money on E-Notes

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Enotes, the popular learning resource for students is constantly hiring new contributors to their site. According to the introduction on their editor application, they are looking for contributors to do the following things:

* Answer questions from students and teachers in our Question and Answer areas.
* Moderate and contribute to discussion boards.
* Contribute original content to our study guides and lesson plans.

They don’t state how much they pay on the website. I have used the question and answer section for research a few times in the past. I have been given good advice from the contributors and every contributor was professional and thorough in their responses. Therefore, I assume that they are comfortable in what they are making if they are putting so much time into their responses. (More pay usually equals better service, right?)

For everyone who loves academia and enjoys giving advice this is also an opportunity to do something that is fun. They have various topics you can contribute to – literature, science, law, health, and history just to name a few. So you can find the topic you enjoy and give advice in that field.

Make Money For Your Craft Projects

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If you are into crafts, you can sell your do-it-yourself projects on the site Etsy. This site is pretty big and has a lot of great items for sale. There are handmade books and zines, toys, drawings, clothing, and more.

If you Google “sell handmade products,” you will see other craft sites where you can sell your items, but they seem to have little traffic. Etsy is great because it actually has a lot of traffic and a large user base, all of whom are interested in buying hand-made crafts.

I came across this site when I was looking for sites where you can sell drawings online. I was surprised to see the high of quality art and other crafts they have here. This looks like a great way to make money and possibly turn a hobby into a career.

How to Sell News Images Online

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To be a freelance photojournalist you need to have a lot of luck. You have to be in the right place at the right time when breaking news happens. If you have the opportunity to get pictures of a breaking news event or pictures of celebrities you will probably want to sell them.

There are two places online that you can sell your news pictures for money:

Citizen Image is a site that sells news images directly to major newspapers and magazines. You can upload your pictures straight from your camera phone or through e-mail. After you do that they state that they will push your images on news outlets and try to help you get your images sold. Here is a list of the sales channels they push your photography to.

If your image sells they pay 50% of the final selling price to you through paypal. Their entire service is free and you never have to pay hosting or uploading fees.

Spy Media is similar to Citizen Image. They also push your pictures on major media outlets and try to help you get your photography sold. Unlike Citizen Image, which has set prices on images depending on their size, Spy Media allows you to sell them for whatever price you want.

Other than pictures of celebrities and news events you can also sell recent sports photography, so don’t forget to bring your camera with you to sporting events.

Even though it takes a lot of luck to be successful in this line of work, it’s a great opportunity to make money and get exposure for your photography.

Design WordPress Themes For Money

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I have been a member of the webmaster forums Digital Point for about a year, and I’ve seen hundreds of different ways people make money on there. One of the most profitable ways is designing WordPress themes and selling sponsor links on the footer.

While I don’t condone selling links, I don’t condemn it. I think selling sponsor links on WordPress themes is great for both parties. You get money for designing the theme and the link buyers get an unlimited amount of links from anyone who uploads the theme to their blog.

The themes that make the most money are the ones that look the best. Some really good themes will make up to $90 per link. An average looking theme will usually get between $15-$30.

To make the most money you should come up with an original design that has mass appeal, then post it on Digital Point with 3-4 link slots for sale. Usually there are 3 sponsor links for sale and one designer link, all in the footer.

After selling the links you should promote the theme to popular WordPress theme sites. Here are a few examples:

You can find similar sites by doing a Google search for WordPress themes.

The amount of sites you promote to and the originality of the theme will all factor into how much money you can make. This can be a fun and creative way to make some extra cash and to test your marketing skills.

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