5 Ways to Make Money With PLR Articles

PLR stands for “private label rights.” When you buy a PLR article you usually will have full permission to use the article on your website, claim ownership of it, modify it, and sell it. PLR articles usually come in packages based on various keywords, e.g. 15 articles on e-bay marketing.

You can buy and sell PLR articles on e-bay or various webmaster forums such as Digital Point. Here are 5 ways you can make money with PLR articles.

1. Run a PLR Site Many ghostwriters have found success by running their own sites with a database of PLR articles. These sites usually have hundreds or thousands of PLR articles that can only be accessed with a membership fee. The most successful PLR sites will update their database weekly with new articles, and take the most downloaded articles off the site, so that the content is always fresh. Most PLR sites have a membership limit so that the articles aren’t on thousands of sites across the internet. Some are so popular that they have waiting lists that are backed for months.

2. Re-write Articles You can re-write free PLR articles online and sell them on ebay or Digital Point. Selling original re-writes of PLR articles makes them more valuable because buyers don’t run the risk of having duplicate content online. If you want to do this it’s best to just sell the articles to one person without resell rights. Selling the articles to one buyer will allow you raise the price because they will be buying unique, original content that only they will own. The only difference between re-writing a PLR article and writing your own article is re-writing an article will probably save you time and energy.

3. Buy and Sell Article Packs This is probably one of the hardest things to do because there is a lot of competition. When you buy an article pack, everyone who owns the article pack already has the opportunity to sell it. The people who buy the pack from them will also have the opportunity to sell it, and so on and so forth. Before you know it there can be 1,000’s of people online selling the same article pack. If you want to put your internet marketing skills to the test then this is the right thing for you.

4. Publish PLR Articles on a Blog Blogging can be profitable but it also can be time-consuming and costly. Some people opt to use PLR articles on their blogs and websites instead of hiring a writer or spending hours writing their own articles. The chance of owning a successful blog is unlikely if all of the articles are duplicate content. If you are thinking about doing this, try to mix original articles with PLR articles, and re-write some of the PLR articles. The Problem With Automated Content explains the importance of keeping the content on your site unique.

5. Use Free Articles as an Incentive Some webmasters give away free PLR articles as a bonus when you buy an e-book, subscription, or other products and services. This is one of the cheapest ways to give customers an extra incentive to buy your products. It can also make a decent gift for people who are subscribing to a newsletter or RSS feed.

If you are interested in free PLR articles, Get a Script has 6,500 articles which are free to use and redistribute. My favorite thing about the site is that you don’t have to sign up or give your e-mail to download the articles.

If you are in the market to buy articles, the post Where to find good PLR articles lists dozens of PLR article sites online.

11 Responses to 5 Ways to Make Money With PLR Articles

  1. redspace says:


    article writing is one of best way to make money online. I wish I could be good writer someday. need to write more in english since english is my second language.

    thought about hanging out in writing forum. maybe I could learn something there. hope can write something like you smooth and easy reading. how could you manage to write so many words? no need to reply this, I just talking to myself.

  2. Maher Salah says:

    Hi Crystal,

    Thanks this will help me one day.
    article writing is one of best way to make money online. I wish I could be good writer someday. need to write more in english since english is my second language.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am making with the happyness and writing also. Many times the writing is to have with money and such. Else I am much knolwdege of things iwth words and writing. Theank you for exellent words and communication.

  4. erp says:

    Great post and tips. I agree article writing make great money. I use PLR and rewrite it. It save a lot of time. Coz sometimes can’t think of new topic.

  5. mark says:

    Yes,PLR Articles can make you money.But if you use them in a right way

  6. anish says:

    I am a newbie. I have a large no. of articles but none of them were written by me. Can I sell them? How much do I charge for a pack (say 50 articles)?


  7. Matthias says:

    GetAScript.info closed his doors …

  8. article writing is one of best way to make money online. I wish I could be good writer someday. need to write more in english since english is my second language.

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